Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One man’s terrorist is another’s voting block!

In the past they used to say “One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.” Today it is “One man’s terrorist is another’s voting block!”

So any scum in the West is allowed to propagate any garbage as long as they enjoy the support of local politicians. While condemning the use of children as combatants terrorist sympathisers are permitted to use children for their demonstrations. !

While the poor starving Tamil civilians trapped in the Wanni fled LTTE-held areas braving gunfire, rain and mud to Sri Lanka Army- controlled territory, the well-fed Tamil Diaspora in UK marched in London expressing support to the Tiger tyrant Prabhakaran who is oppressing his people back home.

Western ‘Democracy’ has certainly advanced!

We wonder whether the Ali-Queida and Taliban supporters would be allowed to march through London, Paris, Washington, New York, Berlin, Oslo, Toronto, Ottawa in the same manner.

British-Sri Lankans wish to pose this question to all Western Governments.

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