Friday, April 17, 2009

Never Let Prabhakaran Leave Sri Lanka Alive

By Nissanka Wickramasekera

Dear Editor, Mr. President Mahinda Rajapaksa, & Our loved Commanders of our elite forces and our forces,

This war was waged by the egotistical school dropout from Wanni not only killing the growth and futures of his own people but also of our peaceful and blessed country and our future, the young and vibrant members of the forces who put their lives on the line for our Sri Lanka, our Mawbima. If we completely annihilate and clean our country as you set out to do, we will be the only country in the history of this world to do so other than Russia and China who are our allies. No one expected our forces to be this good except Russia and China. The Brits and others do not want us to succeed for the simple reason that it will be a slap in their face, more over it is Britain the country who brought these scoundrel from Tamil Nadu to work our Tea Fields just to get a kick, when at the time Sinhalese who are Arians by nature told them that we will never feather their nest by working like slaves. It is sad that previous leaders failed in their leadership towards their own Alma Mater. You Sir, Mr. Rajapaksa have been the envy of my life and the Soldiers and their parents who loved them dearly to bring repute and honour to our Mawbima. I for one respect any man or woman who has sacrificed their young lives so that Sri Lanka and its people will continue to live a peaceful and harmonious life as brave Sinhalese and above all humanitarians as we are and have been. I am a son of our Mawbima who was born there and grew up to be who I am today. Please continue to be focused on the task on hand and complete this process, as history will place our country in the annals of this world at the top and the only country to clean up terrorism and bring peace to its nation. Those who are asking for India to be their allies as Nadesan of the LTTE told India recently, only adds to the argument that they are seeking the help of India to back them up when the rest of the world except Australia have proscribed them as the notorious terrorist organization. First of all allies are only countries who seek friendship and support of other countries they are aligned with not individuals who seek assistance to continue annihilating innocent law abiding people who love peace. These people belong to India and not Sri Lanka and should go back to India and ask India to give them a separate state. I bet you my last copper, India will reject this notion and battle them all the way to kingdom come.

Our only request to you sir, with due respect to our Ranawiru who sacrificed their lives and for the future of our land, do not cave in as you are fully aware that Russia and China and Pakistan even without considering India will absolutely stand by us and happy that they too have an ally that good to back them up when the chips will ever come down one day. In addition, you will be the only leader in this developed world to have done so, with distinction.

Remember, we are in debt a lot and the completion of this war will only ensure that U.S.A, Britain, and all other nations holding illegal funds confiscated funds of the LTTE held in their domains will have to be released to your government to pay for these debts we carry as a country. Furthermore, these nuclear super powers of this world would not want our little Sri Lanka to succeed for it will be a slap in their face with all the machinery, armory they possess. So please do not allow these UN powers including USA to distract Sri Lankans of their due destiny. Get Prabhakaran and his gang of thieves and murderers “DEAD OR ALIVE”. Be BRAVE and MARCH FORWARD sir, you will do well. We trust you will stand by your words and promises for our nation have suffered a lot.

May the blessings of the Lord Buddha, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary and Allah look after you, our brave forces, its leaders, and our people of all cultures to live and thrive to bring Sri Lanka as a world leader in battling Terrorism where others failed excluding Russia and China. Consult them for advice and stay close to them as they are future in world politics to bring prosperity to our land and out our Alma Mater called Sri Lanka. Lead our nation as you do, sir, you are just the envy of this world today.