Sunday, April 19, 2009

My reply to the Editor (Never Let Prabhakaran Leave Sri Lanka Alive)

by Nissanka Wickramasekera

I said is the gospel truth and what I want Sri Lanka to achieve after all the annihilation she has gone through. As a Sinhalese and having visited Jaffna and the Wanni area when I was a teenager, it tears my heart of the truly innocent who have suffered there along with my own people whom Prabhakaran annihilated. My own friend and I, love this man Donald Perera your Chief of Staff is and was my class mate at S. Thomas' College and we discussed what we want to be to our country. It is sad my father who also served in the army (Mr. Jonathan Noel Wickramasekera) former Ceylon Petroleum Corporation staffer did not allow me to continue his role, as he loved me and finally passed on this putha's chest during my vacation, in 1999. Then again, we shared camaraderie about the armed forces until the day he passed away and I love him.

I loved my country sir, and I still do and I want peace and prosperity for my land. Although I am Canadian now due my marriage and if I was in Colombo I would have joined the forces and given them a run for their money. My Sri Lanka is blessed, abd a President as precious as he has been and an Editor as precious as you are, and our Ranawiru and their parents who sacrificed their only belongings deserve our ultimate respect and regard. If I could visit each one of them personally, I will bow, get on my knees, and kiss their feet, for they lost someone so precious that we as a nation cannot replace. Imagine your own mother and father or mine and how they will feel if the same fate happened to them? That is why I love my Sri Lanka. We are Sinhalese and Arians by nature and gutsy and very bold. We do not play second fiddle to anyone in this world let alone to EELAM Tamils who were imported by the British to our country just to get a kick and satisfaction to teach us Sinhalese a lesson. But the British never taught us any lesson but rob our land of her innocence. Just for your information, the biggest Amethyst Gem in this world is the centre piece of the queen's crown and sitting at the Windsor Castle,,,taken by force. I am the seventh Great Grand Son of the First Leader of the Bar Association of the southern part of Ceylon (Matara) now Sri Lanka and also the Seventh Great Grand Nephew of Dr. E. W. Perera who was one of the architects of our Independence process of Ceylon and when I bring all that to what my country has endured due to the weaknesses of our previous leaders, my dear friend and brother, I feel a wealth of importance to serenade you, our darling President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, his entire staff, along with the Commanders of our elite forces, our Ranawiru who bravely face the enemy in the eye and defeat them handily.

Sri Lankans are a brave nation, we have withstood, fought many an uprising with resolve that no other country have accomplished other than Russia and China. We are dealing with an Indian problem which should have been resolved during the Sirimavo / Shashtri time and not now. I would love to see India take back these LTTE outfit in order they could fight for an Independent EELAM State and watch them battle for the rest of their lives.

I would love to visit you, President, and the commanders of our forces and out forces one day very soon as I am able to make it to Sri Lanka no sooner my darling daughter finishes her University. In the mean time if I have to wake up our nation and pledge my allegiance, my dear friend, and Editor, I will do so gladly. This is not only the first of write up but it will not be the last either. If you are ever making it to Toronto, Canada, please be my guest. Please forward a copy of this to our President if possible and also Donald Perera if you can, and I will thank you, in advance. Donald and I resided down Sri Sumangala Mawatha, Ratmalana during our hay days. Please keep up the good work; you are too valuable in your trade and doing a tremendous job for my country. Love you with all my heart.

May the Thripitaka of Lord Buddha guide you and may God the father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Allah and Mother Mary keep you and your family safe including our President, Our Commanders and our Ranawiru and may our country be victorious.

Mr. President Mahinda Rajapaska, if you are reading this sir, stay strong and focused, not only to end this war but also, to send a message to the world we know that you are a commander to reckon with that Sinhalese we will not play second fiddle to none. Please stay with our partners Russia and China as a force to see that no British, American or any other under currant will ever in their lives will ever fool our tiny Island called SRI LANKA (OUR BLESSED LAND). Please don't allow Prabhakaran to leave our land without payment. Please keep in touch if you need our help.

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