Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lanka Embassy in Berlin faces second LTTE attack

A group of LTTE supporters attacked the Sri Lankan Embassy in Berlin on Thursday night (Apr 23). According to media reports, the LTTE supporters had thrown two Molotov Cocktails (improvised petrol bombs) into the embassy premises.

“They have thrown two petrol bombs into the Embassy premises. Only one has exploded; the other caused minor harm to the building. No one was hurt", reports said.

German Police are now investigating the incident. This is the second time the Embassy was attacked within three months.

Observers say that this attack has again highlighted the hypocrisy of the LTTE sympathisers whose only intention is to protect their asylum status in the Western countries. They point out that the majority of the so-called Tamil Diaspora, who are enjoying asylum status in the Western countries are economic refugees who had successfully mislead the officials of those countries that they had been discriminated against in Sri Lanka.

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