Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Innocent Tamils taken hostage by the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka are praying for their rescue

By Shripal Nishshanka Fernando

Today the thousands of innocent Tamils taken hostage by the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka are praying for their rescue. The great human operations launched by the present Sri Lankan government under the courageous and brave leadership by President Rajapaksha are the only hope for those helpless people.

What do the most Sri Lankan Tamils outside Sri Lanka do today? They raise funds to buy foreign politicians, leaders of international organizations, NGOs, INGOs to speak and support for their heinous acts and buy weapons to send to those barbaric terrorists who already have killed thousands of their own Tamil civilians.

If not for the Rajapaksha family, the entire Tamil people in the world would have been in utter danger. The terrorist’s dream of carving a state for the gang of terrorists in Sri Lanka was just their kick off step in the sequence. Eventually their heinous plan was to conquer India by 2020 and to capture the world by 2035 by having Tamil leaders in the world. The Tamils who fled Sri Lanka as refugees to foreign countries could have achieved their targets through their next generation and would have completed the latter stage of their dreams. Today most of the drugs, credit scam plots and underworld illegal operations are being organized by these Tamils who have received the respective citizenships in the countries where they live and force the politicians of those countries to lobby for their destructive agendas. Subsequently the short sighted and money hungry politicians as usual who are in the terrorists pockets are accusing the Sri Lankan government in an unprecedented manner. They shall know that the Truth is the most powerful and no destructive force can destroy it even by a zillion of nuclear bombs.

The Tamils who are waiting till their refugee cases are finalized by the immigration authorities and other government legislatives are funding the terrorists by all means just to save a cause for their cases. Otherwise they will be deported back to Sri Lanka. Among them it should be noted that there are genuine Tamil people also and most of them are under continuous threat by the pro-terrorists.

Under the strategies and guidance of Gotabhaya Rajapaksha, Sri Lankan commanders of the forces Sarath Fonseka, Wasantha Karannagoda and Roshan Goonatilake are executing an extremely heroic duty and no force in the world can even compare to their commitments. Other civil commanders are also performing superbly as far as the terrorist operations are concerned. Especially the correct vision of Sarath Fonseka undoubtedly contributed to the rescue of Tamils tremendously.

President Mahinda Rajapaksha being the first ever leader in the world to address the United Nations in fluent and grammatical Tamil language has already marked a memorable fact in the Tamil history already.