Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hillary Clinton's Remarks Cause Outrage in Sri Lankan Community

Many are outraged over Secretary of State Clinton's allegation that 'untold suffering has resulted from Sri Lanka's military action against the LTTE terrorists

United States of America (Press Release) April 22, 2009 --
Los Angeles, CA - A Sri Lankan activist group has written to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressing outrage at her remarks that military action against the brutal Tamil Tigers of Tamil Eelam by Sri Lankan forces has caused 'untold suffering.'

Sri Lankan Patriots (SLP) in a letter reminded Clinton that many Sri Lankan soldiers have sacrificed their lives to free Tamil civilians from the stranglehold of a 'Pol Pot type regime' run by the LTTE.

Clinton told lawmakers on Wednesday. "I think that the Sri Lankan government knows that the entire world is very disappointed that in its efforts to end what it sees as 25 years of conflict, it is causing such untold suffering.

>> Full text of the SLP letter to Clinton: