Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya from Washington, DC

Comments given about Bruce Fein....

LTTE organizations had hired an American named Bruce Fein to prosecute officials of Sri Lankan governments who are citizens and residents of United States . How do you see these developments?

We are in constant touch with legal authorities in United States and it is quite clear that Bruce Fein’s efforts are only aimed at making money. We hear that he has recently doubled his charges and pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora is paying large amounts of money to maintain this lawsuit. Most legal authorities in the U.S. recognize that his lawsuits have no legal merit and are either just publicity stunts or effort to make his financiers think he is keeping busy. We are very happy in fact that money that were previously sent to LTTE to procure arms and ammunitions to destroy the lives of innocent Sri Lankans is now used to fill the pockets of Bruce Fein. I appeal to Bruce Fein to take as much as money from pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora and I thank him for the support he is doing to Sri Lankans by hoodwinking the pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora.

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