Thursday, April 16, 2009

Diplomatic furore in Colombo: US Ambassador Robert Blake attempts escape mechanism for LTTE through UN, Norway

• US Ambassador Blake known to have frequented social functions and US Ambassador Robert Blake parties of LTTE supporters and sympathizers in Colombo, but Ambassador denied association with LTTE supporters and intermediaries

• Attempting to bring UN Peace Keeping Force for LTTE leadership to surrender and escape

• Norwegian envoy in Colombo Torre too linked in the manipulations

Colombo, 16 April, ( Top international diplomatic source revealed that the LTTE has established contact with the United States of America through Norwegian facilitation to get safe passage for the LTTE Leaders by way of a surrender, through the United Nations.

The surrender of the LTTE through the United Nations has been a move which has been suggested by the current LTTE leadership and has been endorsed by Robert Blake, United States Ambassador in Sri Lanka, who has been actively persuading the Government of Sri Lanka to allow the LTTE Leadership and cadres to obtain safe passage to another country using the good offices of the United Nations.

It now appears that Ambassador Blake is now only interested in creating a safe passage for Tiger Supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran, his son Charles Anthony and his most vicious intelligence operative Pottu Amman and other senior leaders who are collectively wanted for genocide and other crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka.

The 48- hour ceasefire that was negotiated and agreed upon by the Government, at the insistence of Ambassador Blake, on the sidelines of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year on the 13th and 14th April in Sri Lanka, has not yielded a single trapped civilian from moving from the ‘No Fire Zone’. Even Ambassador Blake is known to have told his associates that the LTTE will “never release the civilians” during the ceasefire, and thus the question being asked is why did Blake then champion a ceasefire? The fact that the ceasefire which was brought about by the pressures of the international community has not yielded the proper results is causing the Military to suspect a conspiracy to enable the LTTE leadership to escape.

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