Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Desperate Measures

April 15, 2009: Expatriate Tamils, who have long supported (if not always voluntarily) the LTTE with cash, are now holding large demonstrations in Britain and Australia. This is part of an LTTE attempt to gain popular support and diplomatic pressure on Sri Lanka to agree to a ceasefire. If this can be achieved, the LTTE can rebuild and resume its fight to partition the island into Tamil and non-Tamil sectors. The Sri Lankan government refuses to even discuss a permanent ceasefire, and will only negotiate if the LTTE disarms.

The number of civilians escaping the 20 square kilometer "no-fire" zone has declined from 2,000 a day two weeks ago, to less than 200 a day. So far, over 67,000 civilians have been able to get out of the zone. The two day truce apparently allowed the LTTE fighters to increase their efforts to control the thousands of Tamil civilians in the no-fire zone. During the two day ceasefire, troops could see LTTE fighters directing Tamil civilians to build fortifications. The army announced that they are resuming their offensive, which will apparently involve troops advancing slowly against LTTE bunkers, while trying to avoid hitting Tamil civilians the LTTE are using as human shields. The remaining LTTE fighters appear willing to fight to the death, and force Tamil civilians to die as human shields.

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