Thursday, April 9, 2009

Countdown to the end begins...

Loud explosions were heard by the Army from inside the NFZ today. Sources told DefenceWire that the explosions could possibly be weapons and explosives dumps blasted by the LTTE prior to an impending Military Assault on the LTTE.

The exact nature of the assault is still unknown. Since the final warning to surrender was given today, the operation can be expected any moment now. All units of the Army are on standby awaiting the Commander's orders and are on high morale.

Ground Commanders told DefenceWire that they are ready to face any enemy and that they don't mind high casualties since it is to finish the LTTE once and for all. Although the Army's elite units might be used extensively, there is a high likelihood of regular units, specially units like the Mechanized Infantry from the 55 and 53 Divisions taking on much of the responsibility. The involvement of the Navy and possibly the Air Force cannot be ruled out either.

Remaining small groups of Tigers from Charles Anthony, Ratha, Imran Pandian, Jeyanthan, Malathi, Soothiya etc. who escaped the box-in attempt are now without their more illustrious Commanders. Returning civilians claim their morale is at the lowest ebb and are in mortal fear. Any rapid incursion into the NFZ whereby a channel is opened-up for civilians to retreat could begin the isolation and subsequent annihilation of these remaining cadres.

The desire of the trapped cadres to escape the LTTE cannot be ruled-out. Rasiah Ilanthirayan, formerly of the LTTE political wing (a.k.a. Marshall) was a high-profile cadre who attempted to flee the LTTE but was apprehended, beaten and redeployed in the NFZ.

Many of the Political Wing cadres have also been deployed, among them was Elilan- former political wing head for Trincomalee District who was last seen in Mathalang. The Army was able to reestablish the identity of all the dead LTTE Leaders thanks to an LTTE doctor who surrendered over the weekend.

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