Saturday, April 18, 2009

British MP Visits Sri Lanka and Reveals the TRUTH about LTTE Terrorism

Extremist Tamils in various parts of the world who support LTTE terrorists to achieve their separatist goals have been continuing their false propaganda to mislead the world community and align the world against democratically elected Sri Lankan government. Sri Lankan government, while fighting world’s one of the most ruthless terrorist group, does not possess enough resources or will at embassy levels to fight the false propaganda war. LTTE terror supporters have fully utilized this situation to mislead the international community with fabricated stories (eg. genocide) to achieve their ill-minded goals.

While LTTE terrorists and their supporters continue to mislead the world with their false propaganda, there was a few key people who wanted to explore and find the truth. They did not want to get trapped in propaganda, but wanted to study the facts and make conclusions. Out of them, two recent were United Nations’ Under Secretery Sir John Holms and British Parliamentarian Hon. Lord Naseby. Both went to Sri Lanka and learnt the ground situation is completely the opposite of what LTTE terror supporters spread in the world using their giant propaganda network.

See below the interview with British Parliamentarian Hon. Lord Naseby.