Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brain Senaviratne and LTTE money

Brain Senaviratne, the Qeensland based LTTE paid propagandist’s attempt to visit Malaysia after his contribution to the LTTE cause in Toronto misfired as the immigration authorities debarred him from entering due his questionable credentials. His mission was to stir Malaysian Tamils and help the LTTE funding schemes. He was tipped to meet K.P Pathmanthan or his close colleagues. But, all efforts of this paid propagandist failed due to the vigilance of Malyasian authorities.

Brain Senaviratne’s claims to relationship with Bandaranaike family had been vehemently denied by Banadranikes and Ratwattes . When he started his propaganda career for the LTTE he publicly attempted to play the discrimination card and reported to have said that he was denied of Professorship in Sri Lanka as he was a Christian, but one of his contemporaries in the university drew his attention to the fact that when Brian S vied for this position, the selected candidate was a Tamil Hindu! Brain S had to eat muck and he avoided relating the story thereafter.

Recently, when he travelled to Canada at the Immigration counter,he was searched thoroughly and documents he carried were photo-copied. He was detained nearly four hours having to answer lengthy questioning by the authorities. With the LTTE days being numbered Brain Senaviratne will be hard put to find another source of income.