Thursday, April 23, 2009

BBC - 'Barefaced' Broadcasting Corporation

(By: Manisha Fernando)

BBC, or the British Broadcasting Corporation is renowned for their deliberate and biased misrepresentation of facts and events during its history of news reporting. It is true that human beings are not perfect and susceptible to "human - mistakes". But apparently the reporters and editors of BBC seem to have a knack for deliberately misinforming the events without due diligence. During the last decade, the reports and news items carried by the BBC in the mass media including its official news web, are ample proof of the unethical, unprofessional and conscious misrepresentation of facts and events across the world. A closer view shows that the news items are always more or less biased towards the attitudes of the reporter or the editor.

Despite the mounting proof that BBC has been falsifying current events, the BBC always hides behind a veil of a piece of legislation called the "Freedom of Information Act". They say, that the act provides them "immunity" to publish any item, irrespective of whether it is verified, accurate or not and whether it has been soundly investigated and factually correct as they are not compelled to divulge the source of information. The fact that BBC is in dire need of funds to maintain its operations have also made it susceptible to biases when reporting.

In the last few weeks, the BBC went on a rampage of deliberately reporting and damaging the image of Sri Lanka, with the publication of several news items on the War on Terror in Sri Lanka. The recent one being the article published on 21st of April, 2009, where the BBC website's headline news read "Sri Lanka Army Accused of Carnage" ( ). The news item's headline apparently was based on the information the BBC had allegedly obtained from a member of the LTTE, a UK proscribed terrorist group. A few hours later however, the title had "mysteriously" changed to read as "Sri Lanka Army accused of 'killing civilians'". Both articles claim to show a video of the civilians hurt by 'alleged' military fire, when in fact the video does not reveal anything of such nature! It also claims that it shows the civilians 'fleeing the war zone', when in fact it is actually depicting the civilians who have escaped from the clutches of the LTTE after the Sri Lanka army opened the LTTE built earth bund!

Further, not a single article in the BBC carried the aerial footage aired by the government of Sri Lanka on the mass exodus of civilians who were rescued by the Sri Lanka army after breaking through the earth bund built by the LTTE. Nor did BBC carry any video footage depicting the LTTE shooting at the fleeing civilians. However these were seen live at the Air Force Operational Room by several diplomatic dignitaries including the ambassador for UK. Obviously a rational mind would also agree that the spy satellite launched just a few days ago by India would have contradicted this aerial footage if it was found to be false!

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