Sunday, April 5, 2009

After protest campaign ends LTTE supporters attack Lankan student in Melbourne

A Sri Lankan student was injured in an attack by pro-LTTE activists shortly after a demonstration against LTTE atrocities by around 1,500 Sri Lankans in front of the Victorian Parliament in Melbourne yesterday morning.

The student was walking to the railway station when he was set upon by the gang furious over the protest, organized by Sri Lankan students in Melbourne, which was well attended and successful.

The protest started at around 10.30 am and continued peacefully until 1.30 pm. The protesters carried banners and shouted slogans demanding the LTTE to release the civilians being used as a human shield. They also condemned the use of child soldiers by the Tigers and urged the Australian government to ban this ruthless terrorist movement.

During the protest, LTTE supporters were parading around in vehicles displaying banners and cut-outs. One of these vehicles displaying A Tamil Eelam flag suddenly cut across the main protest area with the intention of provoking the protesters to resort to violence, an organizer said.

The Victorian Police moved in promptly and escorted the car to an area away from the protest area, he said.

However, later LTTE supporters had assaulted the Sri Lankan student while he was on his way home after the protest. He was admitted to Royal Melbourne hospital with critical head injuries.

Many cars displaying pro-LTTE banners and Tamil Eelam flags were seen on the Melbourne streets after the protest.