Friday, March 6, 2009

Train service to be extended to Thandikulam

The Northern line train, which currently operates up to Vavuniya, would be extended to Thandikulam before March 15, the Department of Railways said.

A trial run was successfully conducted from Vavuniya to Thandikulam yesterday while another train with crew and equipment arrived at Thandikulam from Dematagoda to attend to repairs to the stretch of track which had not been maintained by the Railways Department during the past few years due to LTTE activities. The crew may also extend the repairs on the track beyond Thandikulam.

In 2000 the train services were operated up to Thandikulam and later it was extended up to Omanthai. However the tracks and sleepers were removed by the LTTE beyond Thandikulam to construct bunkers and trains were not operated beyond Vavuniya during the last few years.