Friday, March 6, 2009

SriLankan Engineering awarded contract to dismantle an Airbus A320 aircraft

SriLankan Engineering achieved yet another milestone in its quest to become an aircraft maintenance organisation of choice in the region when it was contracted to dismantle an entire Airbus A320 aircraft that is being taken apart by its owner, at end of lease with SriLankan.
The project for AAR Corporation, a company based in the United States that owns and leases aircraft to airlines around the world, is the first aircraft dismantling programme undertaken by SriLankan Engineering.

The project involves separating all of the thousands of usable parts and systems on the aircraft, packing them, and shipping them to the owning company. The work was carried out over just six weeks. The parts will be used as spares for other aircraft.D.A.G Jayasuriya, Acting Head of SriLankan Engineering, said: “In the past such a project would have been carried out in the United States or elsewhere. But AAR Corporation awarded the contract to SriLankan Engineering, since we now have the expertise and our rates are very competitive.”

The aircraft was one which SriLankan Airlines had leased over the last five years and retired recently during its re-fleeting programme.

Sri Lanka ’s National Carrier is currently replacing its older aircraft with more modern ones, the first having arrived last November, with the second expected in March.

“This dismantling programme has also given our engineering staff some invaluable exposure, and we hope to take on more such dismantling projects soon,” said Jayasuriya.

SriLankan Engineering, which holds the prestigious EASA 145 certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), is taking on a growing number of projects for airlines and other members of the global air transport industry. Its training wing SriLankan Technical Training holds the EASA 147 certification to provide training in Aircraft Maintenance to foreign and local students.

SriLankan possesses a modern hangar facility and engineering workshops at Colombo ’s Bandaranaike International Airport , and its services have been contracted for major aircraft maintenance projects by other airlines such as Emirates, Airblue, and IndiGo. These projects take place simultaneously with SriLankan Engineering’s day to day maintenance work on SriLankan Airlines’ own fleet.

The efficiency of SriLankan Engineering also played a major role in SriLankan Airlines being awarded two prestigious titles by Airbus Industrie for Operational Excellence among all small airlines that operate the 4-engined A340 and twin-engined A330 aircraft.