Monday, March 2, 2009

Pro-LTTE self immolation fails in London again

An attempt by a suspected pro-LTTE man to commit suicide as a protest ended up unsuccessfully for the second time in London, when he had to be admitted to a hospital with superficial burns and his condition described as not critical on Friday.

The London Metropolitan Police said he was on fire for a short time just outside the Parliament Square in Central London. It is suspected he was attempting self-immolation as a protest against the Sri Lankan security forces that are on the verge of defeating the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in their last remaining bastion in the Wanni.

A police spokesman said, at approx 1600hrs on Friday, February 27, a man was seen alight in Parliament Square SW1. Police officers came to his aid and the fire was extinguished. The 43-year-old was taken to a South London hospital and it is thought he may have suffered superficial burns and his condition is certainly not critical.

On February 14, when more than 5,000 Sri Lankans were demonstrating in front of the official residence of British Prime Minister at 10, Downing Street against the LTTE another pro-LTTE man attempted to burn himself by pouring an incendiary fuel on his body but the police arrested him and he is still in the remand jail.

Days before that another suspected pro-LTTE man poured gasoline on his body and set himself on fire and committed suicide in Geneva, Switzerland. All are British residents.

Suicides are rampant among Tamils and the LTTE is a leading group who practices suicide bombing as a political weapon mostly against civilians.