Friday, March 20, 2009

Over 2000 Tamil civilians reach government controlled area

Two thousand one hundred and sixty-nine (2169) Tamil civilians, who had been forcibly held as human shield by the LTTE terrorists in the government declared No Fire Zone (NFZ), have reached the government controlled area escaping terror grip yesterday, 19 March.

Total of 1983 Tamil civilians including 927 males and 1056 females reached Puthukuddiirippu area between 6.00AM to 6.00PM yesterday. The civilians escaped were later directed to the welfare center following the initial registration process done by the troops of 58 Division.

Meanwhile, 29 civilians including 13 males, 10 females and 6 children have reached Chundikulam, Jaffna around 6.30 PM yesterday.

Separately, Sri Lanka Navy has rescued 131 Tamil civilians in the seas of Chundikulam around 11.30 AM, yesterday. SLN patrolmen on duty in north eastern seas rescued the group of Tamil civilians, comprising 37 males, 28 females and 66 children, onboard 8 white flag-hoisted dinghies headed towards Chundikulam.

Further, eighteen Tamil civilians were managed to escape LTTE grip and reached to security forces controlled area escaping terror grip yesterday.