Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LTTE - GOSL Cease Fire Agreement (CFA): The Consequences - 2009.03.16


Investigations into weapons smuggled during CFA period

A special investigation has been launched into an incident, in which high tech equipment and weapons, reportedly for the use of the LTTE had been smuggled through the Katunayake International Air Port by passing all inspection procedures, during 2002-2003 (CFA period).

The investigations into the incident which happened during Ranil Wickremesinghe's tenure as Prime Minister was based on a statement recorded from the Executive Director of BIA at that time, Gamini Abeyrathne alias Taxi Abey, sources said.

In addition some documents retrieved from the Board Of Investment are also being used in the investigation.

According to sources, a large haul of weapons and accessories including mortars and explosives had been smuggled through the BIA at that time, with the help of certain authorities.

High-tec communication equipment, parts of light air craft, remote control devices, printing press equipment, night vision binoculars etc. had been smuggled for the use of LTTE, with the approval of those authorities.

Also several container loads of weapons which had been taken to North too are believed to have been passed by the BOI without any inspection, through the Colombo Harbour when Arjun Mahendran was the Chairman.

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