Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jaffna Cultural Centre for the revival of artistic skills.

Friday, 13 March 2009
In a rare corporation in making a cultural bridge between the North and South, Jaffna Cultural Centre will be founded with the assistance of renowned artistes and the State Film Corporation. Many artistes, and cultural organizations will rally round to promote the project, and they will establish a fund to go ahead with the project.

Cinema theatre owners plan to remit a day’s income for the fund, while it’s expected to ask for assistance from the public too. Apart from such endevours, to offer medical and life insurance deeds to artistes, CInesta Foundation will present ‘RIdi Reyak’ variety show and Cine Oska concert to collect more funds.

A plan to construct a mini-theatre is also on the cards, and this will facilitate a stage for cinema, stage dramas, cultural festivals, conference hall, and a reception hall for the public. The government is expected to allocate the land intended for the project, while the funds for the mini-theatre will be provided by the national film corporation. On March 22, collection of funds will be initiated and local theatres will offer a day’s income marking the event.