Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gotabhaya Rajapakse is the Key Behind Current Military Success Says Global Terror Expert - Prof. Rohan Gunaratna

Government understood that fighting terrorism is a collective effort. Unlike previous defense secretaries Gotabhaya Rajapaksa understood the importance of working with everyone. He built a first rate team drawing the leaders within the army, navy, airforce, intelligence, police, foreign ministry, and other government agencies and got them to work together. During the past two years sustained pressure was applied on the LTTE cripping the LTTE supoprt and operational networks. It was good government leadership that made the LTTE suffer.

Exclusive interview with Rohan Gunaratna by Udara Soysa

Q.How do you see the 2002 CFA signed by GOSL and LTTE? Do you believe that LTTE benefited from it?

A. LTTE made use of each and every ceasefire to regroup and resupply as a group. The LTTE cadres and leaders made use of every ceasefire to rest, recuperate, collect intelligence and strike back.

Q.Do you believe that government forces can capture Prabhakaran alive or eliminate him?

A.If the same degree of pressure can be maintained on the LTTE for two years, the LTTE can be dismantled.

Q. Do you believe that a military defeat of LTTE is evident?

A. Yes, but it is essential for government to continue to work with everyone. This includes the diplomatic missions, the NGOs, the human right lobby and other actors who have been traditionaly mislead or sympethetic to the LTTE.

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