Monday, March 2, 2009

Four prominent LTTE leaders to be executed - 'Machan Puli'

Pulidevan under house arrest

By Tissa Ravindra Perera
Four senior LTTE leaders including the head of its Peace Secretariat Pulidevan who were caught by the Tigers while attempting to flee with civilians to government controlled areas have been placed under house arrest.

This has been revealed by civilians who fled from LTTE controlled areas. LTTE Intelligence Wing Leader Pottu Amman has ordered that Pulidewan, Ilampar Dee, Pravi and Mama who attempted to flee to government controlled areas with the civilians to be detained and shot. About 30 others including two LTTE Colonels who deserted ranks and fled earlier with the civilians to the government controlled areas were arrested by the security forces.

Among them were the head of a military training school and the leader of an explosive storage camp who fled with their families. One of them had deserted ranks due to a controversy with Prabhakaran’s son Charles Anthony.

The civilians revealed that Pottu Amman ordered the members of LTTE martyr families who attempt to flee to be shot dead.

It has been revealed that his order would prevent several other LTTE leaders who are prepared to flee from the area with their families from doing so.
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