Thursday, March 19, 2009

The figures mentioned by Ms. Navaneetham Pillay are based on those published in pro - LTTE TamilNet

The figures mentioned in the statement issued recently by Ms. Navaneetham Pillay United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights are based on those published in pro - LTTE Tamil net. It is unfortunate that high officers are influenced by the LTTE. In this context, it is clear that the LTTE world wide network has infiltrated into international agencies and has been successful in influencing them to issue statements misleading the international community, thus damaging the reputation of such agencies, said Hon. Minister Keheliya Rambukwalla Defence Spokesman, addressing the Media briefing held at the MCNS today(18).
Such misinformation is a blow to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.

The whole world has come to an understanding that terrorism must be eradicated. Towards this end, Sri Lanka has played a key role in achieving 99% success in militarily defeating LTTE terrorism. In the wake of military victories against terrorism, the LTTE international network comprising, money - laundering, human smuggling and drug trafficking has infiltrated international agencies and influenced their high profile persons to support them, the Defense Spokesman revealed.

It is clear that the UN Commissioner has based her figures of 2016 civilian deaths, including 700 children on questionable sources, mainly Tamil net. The fact that she has not consulted the UN agency in Colombo has raised doubts of the credibility, her figures the Defence Spokesman said.

The Hon. Minister recalled that at the outset some agencies had said that there were 300,000 IDPs. Then, the Government strongly denied. But today they have now admitted that the IDPs number not more than 100,000. 45,000 IDPs have already escaped the uncleared area, the Hon. Minister said.

Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara Military Spokesman said 38 terrorists were killed when the troops attacked them in Puthukuduiruppu yesterday (17) 18 dead bodies and 36 T - 56 weapons were recovered. Two T - 56 weapons were found in a search operation conducted in Karaweddi area. One 120 mm Mortar, one LMG weapon and 06 I COM communication sets were also recovered revealed the Military Spokesman.

Meanwhile a haul of arms and ammunition including one 60 mm mortar barrel, 21 RPG round, 25 rounds, 02x60mm illuminator bombs, 03x 81 mm mortar bombs, one T-81 weapon and 07 hand grenades were found in a search operation conducted in Vishwamadu area, the Military Spokesman revealed. 19 gear Oil barrels, 16 grease barrels and 50 penetrating oil barrels also were found, he added.

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