Sunday, March 1, 2009

Essentials to North via A-9

Social Services Minister and the Jaffna district parliamentarian Douglas Devananda has taken the initiative to transport essential items like food, medicine and fuel to the Jaffna peninsula via A-9 highway which will be opened for military transportation from today. Minister Devananda told the Sunday Observer that he has already discussed the matter with the Advisor to the President Basil Rajapaksa MP who has taken up the issue positively.

“Discussions with the Defence Secretary and the Commissioner of Essential Services will also be held to expedite the process, “Minister Devananda said. He also pointed out that when the highway had remained open for civilian transport during the ceasefire period between 2002 and 2006, civilians travelling between North and South had to face severe hardship due to extortion activities of the LTTE.

“Following the closure of A-9 in 2006, the goods had to be transported by ship and there were inordinate delays. Even civilians had to travel between Jaffna and Colombo by air paying exorbitant fares.

However with the beginning of military transportation this week, the signs are positive to resume civilian transportation with essentials reaching the peninsula without delay,” Minister Devananda added.

Meanwhile the power supply to the entire Jaffna Peninsula will be made available twenty four hours of the day from this week, Electricity Department sources in the North said.

There has been regular power cuts for one hour in the region for the past few years as there were few shortcomings in generating electricity. However with three generators now in operation power supply will revert to normal according to informed sources.
Source: Sunday Observer