Thursday, March 5, 2009

“Do the Rest with Maximum Precautions,” Commander Tells His Vanni Chiefs

OFFENSIVES, inside the remaining entire un-cleared area of less than 45 sq km, inclusive of the reserved ‘Safety Zone’ for fleeing civilians should be carried out taking all possible safety precautions with utmost precision, since the number of civilians thronging into the area is now fast swelling,” so said Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka when he met his senior ground commanders Wednesday (4) morning at the Vanni Security Forces Headquarters in Vavuniya.

Impressed immensely with ground achievements hitherto, made by his troops, now confining the enemy to less than 20-25 sq km in extent, excluding the ‘Safety Zone’ further underlined importance of maintaining the status quo, as regards arrangements in place for receipt of fleeing civilians.

“LTTE infiltrators from rear areas would try their maximum to inflict injury on both civilians and ground troops alike after mingling with civilians on the flee, as they have already done in several instances. Their ability for frontal fighting as before has drastically diminished and the terror outfit has been badly affected due to lack of manpower and replenishments. They have now resorted to storming the ‘Safety Zone’ and abducting children of the escapees. Our progress from now onwards should be made meticulously, taking maximum precautions, keeping the civilian factor in mind at all times,” Commander of the Army specified during the meeting at Vanni Headquarters.

Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander Security Forces, Vanni after receipt of the Army Chief and his entourage at the air base presented a comprehensive account of the ground realities to the visiting Commander at the beginning of the weekly assessment. All General Officers Commanding, Brigade and other senior formation commanders also contributed to the session, providing all details and related images of LTTE atrocities, committed in their respective offensive areas.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, pleased with the re-opening of the A-9 Highway for military logistics also instructed his troops to ensure maximum security for military convoys, as LTTE might turn to final suicidal missions in the face of their humiliating endgame.
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