Monday, February 2, 2009

Video of Prabhakaran's Main Hideout captured in Piramanthalkulama, Mullaittivu

Troops miss Prabhakaran by minutes?

Troops operating in the area of Puthukudyiruppu area have discovered a concrete built underground bunker with four rooms and a basement early this morning (Feb 2). It is believed to be a hiding place of Tiger chief V. Prabhakaran. They also believe that Prabhakaran had possibly vacated the place a while ago as troops found a pile of burnt photographs and documents.

A stock of insulin and a photograph of Prabhakaran taken in the same bunker too were found inside the bunker, confirming that it was occupied by him. The bunker is within a coconut grove with the entrance too covered by coconut fronds, according to military sources.


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