Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tamil Tiger Fronts Back To Extortion & More Violence

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February 18, 2009

LTTE Fronts back in the Extortion Business and Manipulating Tamil Youth to Violence

Stories of extortion of Tamil Diaspora members especially in the Scarborough area are once again being whispered by members of the community, as collectors for the banned Tamil Tiger terrorists fan out demanding funds to procure weapons for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which is now confined to a narrow strip of 80 square kilometers in the jungles of Mullativu, Sri Lanka. Money is being demanded again (as earlier reported on by Human Rights Watch in March 2006), with those refusing to accede having to give written explanations concerning such refusal to contribute the sums on demand. It is certain that weapons procured at this stage will not be of any help to save the Tamil Tiger fighters who are folding up faster than a pack of cards. Diaspora members are left to wonder if the LTTE fund collectors are making a last minute bid to line their pockets before the game is up for the terrorist movement
in Sri Lanka?

Violent Acts on the part of the Tamil Youth is being witnessed in the GTA, with the ugly incident of attempting to burn the National Flag of Sri Lanka at the York University campus yesterday as reported in the student publication, 'ExcaliburOnline' being the latest such incident:

"Police called after Sri Lankan flag set on fire after rally
Written by By Scott McLean, Assistant News Editor
Wednesday, 18 February 2009"

Previous to this, the demonstrations orchestrated by the Tamil Tiger fronts saw Tamil youth forcing their way into the Sri Lankan Consul General's office on the fourth floor of an office tower on St. Clair Avenue West creating a disturbance and videotaping the staff on duty at the time. This is a violation of the space belonging to the official representative of a friendly country and member of the Commonwealth with whom Canada has ties which go back several decades. This was not an isolated incident, as these so called pro-Tiger demonstrators intruded their way to the Sri Lanka Day event held at the Harbour Front, and also threw sand and other missiles at the bus carrying Sri Lanka's cricket team which participated in an international tournament to which they were invited by Cricket Canada last October.

A breach of the peace is likely to occur with the high handed manner in which the pro-
Tiger supporters have chosen to demonstrate their support for the LTTE terrorists and their failed aim of breaking up Sri Lanka by force of arms and suicide terrorism to establish a mono-ethnic, fascist state exclusively for Tamils in the northern and eastern regions of that country. We hear of extreme steps such as 'self immolation' being talked about at a demonstration in Toronto or one planned to be held in Washington DC. Politicians dependant on the Tamil Diaspora votes in the GTA refer to the extreme conduct of these demonstrators as their deep commitment to their cause as they woo their votes, and expect to throw a life-line to the dying Tiger Terrorist movement by calling for yet another ceasefire in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan authorities will not heed the cries of these politicians and their gimmicks, as they want to regain the country from the canker of LTTE terrorism that has devastated the nation for the past three decades.

Yours very truly,

Mahinda Gunasekera
Honorary President