Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sudaroli editor had prior knowledge of LTTE air raid ?

The Editor of the Tamil daily Sudaroli N. Vidyakaran was arrested, by the Terrorist Investigation Division yesterday morning while at a funeral of a relation, at a parlour in Mount Lavinia.

Five policemen, two in uniform and three in civvies arrived in a white van and took him away to the bewilderment of his kith and kin.

Vidyakaran had first resisted arrest but was forced into the van by the policemen.

His brother-in-law E. Sarawanabhavan has lodged a complaint with the Mount Lavinia Police. Sarawanabhavan is the Chairman of Mass Media Syndicate, publishers of the Jaffna based Udayan and Sudaroli newspapers printed in Colombo.

Though it was first suspected that he had been kidnapped in one of those notorious white vans episodes, it was later confirmed that the arrest had been legitimate and made by the TID.

However the TID sleuths who arrested him, instead of taking him to the TID office had taken him to Dematagoda and handed him over to the Colombo Crime Division.

Police sources said that the Terrorist Investigation Unit, in its investigations into last Friday night’s LTTE raid in the city, had suspected that Vidyakaran had prior knowledge of the impending raid.

Viyakaran was being questioned by the CCD at the time of going to press and no further details were available.

Minister of Mass Media Lakshman Yapa Abeywrdena said that the arrest had been made due to certain security concerns.

A decision would be taken on whether to prosecute or free him only after investigations were complete. He said the media would be kept informed.