Saturday, February 28, 2009

The subtle terror of the International Relief Organizations

Numerous 19-foot containers of the INGOs, sent to Tamil-Tiger areas shortly after the Tsunami, were not returned, and the relevant INGOs never questioned nor did the freight companies complained. Now it is clear why – they were used by the LTTE to construct subterranean bunker systems. The LTTE has used those containers also as components for cleverly disguised plane hangars. Seven landing strips, constructed using the most modern western know-how, were also found.

55 electricity generators from Sweden, intended for use in hospitals in and around Jaffna, were found in the deserted shelters of the LTTE-Tigers, withdrawing under the Sri Lankan offensive. These generators were sufficient to supply the whole population of the north with electricity – instead they supplied the fighting units of the LTTE. Tiger leader Velupilai Prabhakaran, suffering from diabetes, not only had a hospital constructed especially for him in one of the headquarters, as well as ordering a bullet-proof vehicle to be constructed for him use, which has also been discovered. For the refurbishing of the vehicle, special metal sheets were used that had been ordered by one of the INGOs for the purported purpose of reconstructing destroyed bridges in the north.

Thus at least indirectly the INGOs can not reject the bitter accusation of having prolonged the war. Without vehicles and sufficient gasoline, for instance, the mobility of the remaining LTTE cadres would have been significantly reduced. The bunkers they built, the trenches they constructed for kilometers, and that made the agonizingly long static warfare necessary – without the construction equipment left to the LTTE by the INGOs, they would not have been there. Without the construction equipment, the destruction of some water tanks would not have been possible – the LTTE tried to prevent the progress of the troops with those drastic means – and without scruples put up with their own fellow Tamils, drowning miserably.
But while even more areas are taken by the security forces, something else becomes clear – not only based on the pictures published by the military, one asks himself amazedly what exactly these INGOs have really been doing all those years in the north, in the areas occupied by the LTTE.

Concretely – what have they done with the internationally collected funds, the many millions of donations in the name of humanitarian assistance? How much of it did they actually spend in Sri Lanka? And where exactly and for what exactly? These questions are self-serving not only for the advancing soldiers of the Sri Lankan army, as for them to see there is – nothing.

In the coastal areas of the now liberated areas it still looks like shortly after the tsunami. Whole villages are still living under blue UN canvas cover. The gruelling 25 year-long war, the killer waves of December 2004 and the final realization that the LTTE is actually not the high-handedly proclaimed “Liberation Army”, as it always liked to pose as, but is, in the recent misery of being crushingly defeated, uncovered as being a mean gang of criminals, keeping with brutal armed violence the people they pretend to fight for as human shields between themselves and their sure destruction..............

It also seems like certain INGOs - specially from Germany - are trying to lay the ground work to bring certain Sri Lankan government officials and keyplayers to international courts under the violations of international human rights. Then however, if this is the case, the same international courts should also examine how far the INGOs have overstepped their humanitarian mandate and supported the existence of a terrorist organisation which has led Sri Lanka to this gruesome war killing thousands. And why are these INGOs not talking about the human rights violations of the LTTE ?

After all the law is equal for all, isn’t it?

There is no better way to exhibit to the whole world how Sri Lanka is under subtle and effective form of terrorism and chauvinistic racism from the so-called western humanitarian INGOs.

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