Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SPUR-No Ceasefire - Only Surrender: Prabhakaran and the LTTE Cadres Must Pay for their Heinous Crimes

The Tamil Tiger terrorists continue to perpetrate heinous crimes against humanity as the liberation efforts of Sri Lanka’s military forces continue to shrink the land mass under their control. The increasingly desperate terrorists have begun attacking civilians over the last month, both Tamil and Sinhalese. They also continue to attack civil infrastructure and raid health services and food supplies destined for the Tamil civilians held hostage. The United Nations recently released a media statement, urging the Tamil Tiger Terrorists not to recruit child soldiers and shoot at Tamil civilians, escaping their clutches and seeking refuge in the Government controlled areas.

The LTTE’s arrogant response to the UN’s plea was to expand their attacks against civilians by killing over 20 innocent Sinhalese civilians, mainly Chena farmers in the Karametiya village in Iginiyagala on 21 February 2009. Innocent men, women and children were callously shot down while they were settling in to their mid day meal. A breast feeding mother was not spared and shot in the head, execution style. The responsibility for these crimes against humanity and the genocidal acts rests solely with the leadership of the LTTE including their despotic, bloodthirsty leader Prabakaran. It is also common knowledge that the LTTE’s attempt using their tin-pot planes on 21 February to bomb Colombo and create mayhem failed miserably.

SPUR’s response to the offer of a ceasefire by the increasingly desperate and now grovelling Tamil Tiger terrorists is made in the context of the contemptible behaviour of the LTTE over the last few months. We believe that the Government of Sri Lanka is responsible for:

* Liberating the Tamil civilians held hostage by the LTTE

* Safeguarding the lives of innocent Sinhalese civilians such as those callously assassinated by the LTTE recently

* Protecting vital infrastructure such as airports, seaports and power stations from indiscriminate attack

* Preventing the calculated assassination of democratically elected members of the parliament

* Subjecting Prabakaran and the LTTE leadership to the law of the land and prosecute them for ethnic cleansing, genocide and the recruitment of child soldiers.

Most of all, the Government has to respect the sacrifices made by our armed forces in quarantining the activities of the LTTE to an area less than 80 square kilometres in the North of Sri Lanka. The Government needs to ensure that the LTTE is never able to rise from the ashes once again to drag the nation to war.

SPUR urges the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka, not agree to the offer of a ceasefire by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

To save the lives of the Tamil civilians trapped and used by the Tamil Tiger terrorists as a human shield, the Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR) propose that:

The Tamil Tiger Terrorists (LTTE) must agree to:

# Surrender all weapons and disclose the location of storage of weapons and other material used for prosecuting the terror against the democratically elected Government and the people of Sri Lanka

# The appointment of a team of monitors appointed by the President of Sri Lanka to verify the handover of the weapons

# The composition of the monitoring team to include currently serving personnel from international humanitarian organisations in Sri Lanka such as the United Nations and representatives of the Sri Lanka Defence forces.

# Release all civilians held hostage and permit them to move freely to Government controlled areas if they so wish

# Provide access to Government medical officers to treat the sick and the wounded who are unable to move

# Allow unhindered access to Government representatives including military personnel to all areas.

# To respect the Government’s right to search and destroy rogue LTTE elements operating outside the current theatre of war, as it is bound by the constitution to protect its citizenry from terror and provide a secure environment to live

The Democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka must agree to:

^ Once the LTTE agrees to surrender, cease all military actions against the LTTE in Mullativu, where the Tamil civilians are currently held hostage by the LTTE

^ Immediately assist low-rung carders of the LTTE to rehabilitate by providing them with all the necessary facilities including psychological counselling and job training

^ Release all child soldiers to their parents within 3 months after weaning them off violence and hatred

^ Immediately send teams of medical and health workers to the LTTE held area to treat the wounded and the sick

The International Community must agree to:

> Take tangible action and ban LTTE fronts operating in their respective countries which continue to persecute and extort the Tamil migrants of Sri Lankan origin

> Freeze funds collected by LTTE fronts operating in Canada, Australia, the EU and USA in particular

> Orderly release the $4B fund that the international community pledged to develop Sri Lanka

> To caution the NGOs and Humanitarian agencies in respective countries not to be partners of the
separatist and terrorist movements as the activities of many of these organizations have left room to be

India must agree to:

• Crack down hard on the Tamil Nadu sympathisers of the LTTE and the Indian Tamil separatists who are inciting violence, both in India and in Sri Lanka and to respect the sovereignty of Sri Lanka at all times.

In conclusion, SPUR reiterates that the Government of Sri Lanka should not to agree to a ceasefire with the increasingly desperate LTTE, and to insist that the LTTE unconditionally surrenders to the Government. This will ensure that the lives of the civilians trapped and their carders are spared. However, Prabhakaran and the senior leadership of the LTTE must be prosected for crimes against humanity including ethnically cleansing Sri Lanka’s North of Sinhalese and Muslims.

Ranjith Soysa,
Spokes Person.