Monday, February 23, 2009

Some of the US citizens displayed due to Hurricane Katrina are still in Trailers, manufactured homes and park models

It appears that the so-called International Media Jokers see no bounds in their multifarious hue and cry, shedding crocodile tears about the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) consequent to being manipulated at gun-point to form a human shield by the Tamil Tigers, who are cornered to the wall, in the Terrorist War-torn North-Eastern Mullaitivu coastal belt of about 70 square Kilometers, shrinking daily, where the worlds most ruthless and violent Terrorist Outfit Leader Velupillai Pirapaharan and his remaining killer-gang are trying to save their skins from penetration by the Security Forces in their daily onslaught.

Actual IDPs are those that have already been evacuated or escaped the Human Shield to which they belonged and are now being humanely cared for by the Security Forces and other humanitarian volunteers active in the Vanni. There are about 30,800 IDPs and these demographics keep escalating day by day, with thousands escaping into the No-war-zone set aside by the Securify Forces amidst their humanitarian war. It has been assessed that there are only 70,000 left and yet to be evacuated from the fangs of the terrorists. This IDP figure is an exaggerated '250,000' for the so-called International Media Jokers who do not hesitate for a moment, to grab the figures readily supplied by the TamilNet, Pirapaharan's cyber (internet) mouthpiece operated and updated from a foreign country.

This Media buffoons seem to accelerate their vociferous cry incessantly, that suffering experienced bv those IDPs has continued for such long periods of time, despite the fact that whatever the exaggerated figure of their imagination or obtained from the TamilNet, they came to be Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as recently as the beginning of January 2009 - just a few weeks ago.

Mawbima finds these Media Jokers extremely hilarious, as compared to just a fraction of these Sri Lankan IDPs numbering 30,800 plus a few thousands adding up on a daily basis, with that of Hurricane Kathrina in the United States of America - an estimated 6,866 American IDPs who are suffering without proper dwelling and other facilities for the past over three (3) years, who are now receiving authoritative warnings, giving them another two months extension period to find their own long-term dwellings.

Source: Latest Metro New Orleans News

The Obama administration announced Thursday that it will allow victims of Hurricane Katrina still living in trailers and hotels another two months to find permanent housing.
The deadline had been March 1.
There are 6,866 families living in trailers, manufactured homes and park models and 318 families housed in hotels and motels throughout the Gulf region, according to FEMA. That's down about 95 percent from the peak, right after the hurricanes hit in 2005.