Monday, February 23, 2009

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Sri Lanka

Washington DC, 23 February, ( The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, one of the most powerful committees in the US legislature, will hold a hearing on Sri Lanka on Tuesday February 24 and 2:30 pm. The hearings will focus on recent developments in Sri Lanka-- specifically the ongoing military conflict in the north and east, the deteriorating humanitarian situation and allegations of human rights violations.

The committee is chaired by Senator John Kerry, who once unsuccessfully ran in a US presidential election about five years ago. Kerry just returned after a visit to Gaza.

The Committee will hear three witnesses -- Anna Neistat (Human Rights Watch), Bob Dietz (Committee to protect journalists) , and Jeff Lunstead (former US ambassador to SL).

CPJ will specifically zero in on the killings of journalists in Sri Lanka, described as one of the world's most dangerous places for reporters.