Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sea Tiger leader Soosai "missing" and 11 killed after air raid on Mullaitivu hideout

Mullaitivu: Air Force fighter jet aircraft on Friday (Feb 6) afternoon at 1.45 pounded a hideout located 1km North East of Pudukudiyirippu Junction, Mullaitivu. Later the LTTE terrorists using dozers were digging up the "hideout" targeted by the jet aircraft. Once again at 4.45 in the evening, Air Force jet aircraft pounded the same terrorist hideout destroying the LTTE dozers. Once again the LTTE employed dozers to investigate the area which were also pounded by the Air Force jet aircraft.

The Air Force was later able to confirm that the hideout targeted was the coordinating headquarters of the senior LTTE Sea Tiger leaders. Eleven LTTE cadres including senior LTTE cadres and their body guards had been killed while a large number of terrorists had also been severely injured in the air strike.

It is now confirmed that as a result of monitoring LTTE communications, the Sea Tiger leader SOOSAI is reportedly "missing". It is known that the hideout was a building which consisted of all modern facilities and lavishly equipped.

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