Saturday, February 28, 2009

NFF to launch protest around world against LTTE sympathisers

National Freedom Front (NFF) leader MP Wimal Weerawansa yesterday said that they would commence a world wide protest against international organizations, if they push for a Ceasefire. His warning followed the UN head Ban Ki - Moon’s recent statement on Sri Lanka that Government and the LTTE should go for a Ceasefire until civilians move to the safe areas.

Weerawansa told a press conference held at NFF headquarters that if the government had stopped operations the LTTE would never release civilians in their hands. If they wanted to protect civilians, they should force LTTE to release them and allow them to cross to cleared areas first.

"The LTTE has carried out attacks on fleeing civilians in several times recently. They attacked these innocent Tamil civilians while claiming they are the sole agent of the Tamil people. Now, Tamil people are realizing the LTTE leader Prabhakaran is the only enemy of Tamil people here. They are surprised by the government’s hospitality at the welfare centres in Wanni," Weerawansa said.