Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LTTE propaganda stunt exposed: images manipulated to satisfy diasporas

To smother its humiliating string of defeats at the hands of the Sri Lankan security forces LTTE propaganda clouts have taken to what they have known best over the years 'manipulation and distortion' of true ground situations, what is viewed as rough efforts to satisfy the war mongering diaspora communities world wide.

Following images were posted by a main LTTE propaganda web portal on 6th February, 2009, which according to our technical investigations reveal as pictures taken on October, 2008. According to our informed sources, the war mongering LTTE donors have denied raising further funds for the outfit, expressing dissatisfaction, with its efforts to stall the current military surge into the remaining LTTE hideouts. These images were posted in order to satisfy those funding the 'LTTE perpetrated crimes against humanity' the sources said. "This is how they (LTTE) generate money from the disapora who are hooraying on the suffering of their own brethren", a defence observer asserted. As it is evident the LTTE spin doctors have taken these images well in advance and have also made a twist in the original time settings. According to the image properties available, the time settings were reset with a 12hour difference.

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