Monday, February 2, 2009

LTTE Organizing a Rally in Los Angeles?

The following is an email chain received by Mawbima...

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From: xxx
Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 2:57 PM
Subject: LTTE Terrorists Organizing a Rally in Los Angeles.
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Cat is out of the bag! 'Tamils for Democracy', according to their email below, is the same organization who organized the rally last week in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington DC to discredit the Sri Lankan G overnment. Now in LA? By hiding inside Lasantha's coffin, these terrorists are doing their dirty work in support of vanishing LTTE. Please, inform the authorities in LA. What ever political party we believe in, this is the time to support our Government, and our Forces so we can celebrate Unitary Sri Lanka after three decades. Our Country has suffered for more than 28 years in fighting Terrorism. Please don't let these Terrorists do harm again to our Mother Land.

Please inform all your friends in Los Angeles to watch out for these Terrorist Supporters. Don't fall pray to these cunning LTTE tactics.

please forward this email to all your friends who really care for your Mother Land.

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From: Thamils For Democracy
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Sent: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 2:44 pm
Subject: Rally Now!

Dear Eelam Patriots:

While the Sinhala forces are boasting of victories, we urge all Tamil brothers and sisters to rally to bring International action against the murderous Rajapakse government. The protest rallies held in Washington DC recently were a resounding success and we must continue in our fight to bring justice and democracy to the people of Tamil Eelam.

A rally to protest the murder of journalist Lasantha Wickremeatunge and the Sinhalese war on Eelam is being organized in Los Angeles. Wickrematunga was a staunch friend of Eelam. He had the courage to tell the world that 'Tamils are being exterminated" by the Sinhalese. We are encouraged that some of our Sinhalese brothers will be joining this rally in Los Angeles. We have also received good response from CNN and the L.A. Times. Please encourage all your friends to join, es pecially the Sinhalese and Muslims. There are many Sinhalese in Los A ngeles who hate the Rajapakse government and support the UNP and we can expect them to come forward.

At this rally, we will also show the world that the suffering of the Tamil civilians is similar to Gaza and that the US must intervene to stop the destruction. Martin Luther King Blvd. is the tentative location. We have written to some leading Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Mayor Villairagosa about this rally and we expect someone from their offices to turn up. We have to make full use of Lasantha's murder!

Further details will be emailed to you shortly.

Don't give up hope!!

அமுதா சுவாமிநாதன்