Saturday, February 28, 2009

The LTTE fails to get Ceasefire, “Let the people go” urges the UN at Security Council

United Nations, 28 February, ( "All those with any influence with LTTE should now persuade the Tigers to let the civilian population go," the Humanitarian Coordinator Sir John Holmes appealed at the UN Security Council briefing on his visit to Sri Lanka at the invitation of President Rajapaksa.

Sir John said that "conditions of the civilian population is dire and despite the Government’s efforts to provide relief supplies. There is no time to lose and the LTTE must now let the civilian people go".

He appealed to the diaspora and others who can influence the LTTE to force them to free the Tamil civilians to go into cleared areas.

Following the briefing, the Security Council did not consent to the LTTE’s attempt to get another ceasefire but many Security Council Ambassadors who spoke to the media insisted that LTTE should lay down arms.

They also asked the Government forces to exercise maximum restraint and increase cooperation with international agencies to improve what was described as current reasonable conditions in the transit camps for Tamil people who have already fled the fighting.

The intransigence of the Tigers came in for strong criticism by Security Council President Japan and members like Turkey, United Kingdom, United States as well as the European countries like France, Croatia etc.

Japan which holds the Presidency of the Security Council told reporters that LTTE being a terrorist organization banned in many countries should stop killing and preventing civilians from reaching safety. Security Council members said that the issue is Sri Lanka’s internal problem and will not be on the Agenda of the Council.
Source: Asiantribune