Sunday, February 22, 2009

LTTE Cadre Depleting , Tamil Diaspora Should Send Their Adult Children To Save LTTE

By Malin Abeyatunge

Sri Lanka Guardian

(February 21, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Ordinary Tamil civilians held in captivity as human shield are fleeing to government arranged safety zones. In the melee; LTTE continues to gun down the fleeing Tamil civilians including feeble old men and women and children. Only about a week back, a female LTTE suicide bomber camouflaged as a fleeing civilian exploded herself killing 20 civilians, twenty soldiers and injuring around seventy.

Soon after this attack, LTTE gunned down 19 fleeing civilians which included women and children and wounded around 70 civilians. As a last resort, LTTE has started training old Tamil civilians both men and women to send them on front line as cannon fodder. UNICEF on17/2/2009 accused LTTE for conscripting children as young as 14 years old and appealed LTTE to stop it but LTTE continues to ignore. UN blamed LTTE for holding hapless civilians as human shield and appealed to release them. But UN and UNICEF appeals to LTTE is like pouring water on a duck as LTTE cares two hoots for such requests or for that matter, requests coming from international community. The perpetrator is LTTE but yet, we read in the international media that the Tamil Diaspora numbering to thousands have taken to streets in London, Toronto, Sydney Melbourne, Geneva, LA and New York etc,. falsely blaming the Sri Lankan government and its armed forces with a hackneyed slogan “stop genocide Tamils.” to attract international sympathy.

The Tamil Diaspora spread in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy are equally guilty as LTTE terrorists for all this misery that has been brought to the hapless Tamil civilians both in the East and the North during the last two and half a decades. The son of father of Tamil Federalism Jnr. Chelvanaygam once said that LTTE had killed more Tamils than by any Sinhalese. The Indian External Minister Pranab Mukherjee this week addressing the Lok Sabha quite rightly said that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) had done much damage to the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. Then the TULF leader Ananda Sangaree, EPDP leader Minister Douglas Devananda and all other Tamil political leaders except TNA holding the same view and made public statements umpteen numbers of times saying that LTTE is not the sole representative of Tamils as LTTE claims. Such statements prove that LTTE has brought the Tamils in Sri Lanka (not the Tamil Diaspora) more misery and humiliation over the years. The Tamil Diaspora who lives in luxury in affluent countries and finance the LTTE has not experienced the misery faced by the hapless Tamils in the East (not now after liberation of Eastern province from the clutches of LTTE) and in the North but they are ready to protect LTTE in every turn. Every dollar or a sterling pound that was willingly donated by the Tamil Diaspora has bought a bullet to kill another Tamil political leader, another innocent Tamil man, woman or child or to conscript an innocent Tamil child. Whilst their children are living in luxury with state of the art education in these affluent countries, the every dollar donated by a Tamil in the Tamil Diaspora has gone into conscript an under aged child to LTTE’s child brigade just depriving his education and innocent childhood.. Whilst the children of the Tamil Diaspora (this generation has now taken over to continue to support fast diminishing LTTE) are graduating from the colleges and universities of the west, the only education the children of LTTE’s child brigades get is training by LTTE how to kill your enemy, the importance of becoming a suicide bomber and how to use AK 47 or machetes to kill another human being. Such utterances have come from child escapees from LTTE and those who have surrendered without biting the cyanide pill. Unfortunately, majority of the Tamil Diaspora has still not realized LTTE’s brutality but still living in a dream world of an unachievable “tomorrows Tamil Eelam”. This was clearly manifested when recently, thousands of hard core Tamil all young and old men women and children walked down the streets of London, Toronto, Geneva, Oslo, Sydney, Melbourne in support of LTTE by falsely blaming the Sri Lanka armed forces for genocide of Tamils to stop the current final assault on LTTE’s remaining hideouts. The GoSL authorities have categorically mentioned that there is no looking back or any cease fire as requested by the International Community and the operations will continue until LTTE terrorists are completely wiped off. Their marches and demos will have some sympathy from politicians in the international community who are in LTTE’s pay roll or bonus roll but Sri Lanka government will not bow down to any pressures from the International Community until the LTTE Tamil Tigers are completely defeated.

There will be no half way stop as in the past. Suffice to mention here that the Defense secretary quite rightly mentioned recently to some countries and INGOs who appease LTTE and tries to interfere with our sovereignty that he will not hesitate to ask such people to leave the country. In another instance, a unilateral decision by British PM Gordon Brown (he must be thinking that Sri Lanka is still a colony) to send a special envoy Des Browne quite rightly rejected by the Sri Lankan Government. It’s time that the Tamil Diaspora realized the reality and act differently to help the Tamils in Sri Lanka genuinely.

LTTE is now confined to a small area of around 80 square kms with a hard core cadre of around 1000 militants. According reports, Megalomaniac leader is sick and still reluctant to bite his cyanide spill and his UK educated son Charles Anthony is supposed to be leading the LTTE against Government forces. If he has British citizenship, the British government should treat him as a budding terrorist which will be a potential danger if he seeks exile in UK consequent to a final eradication of LTTE terrorist outfit from our soil.

So, for the Tamil Diaspora who is spread on those specifically mentioned countries has only one way to save LTTE from a humiliating defeat. LTTE has only 1000 fighters to achieve the Eelam that the Tamil Diaspora wants and they are badly in need of young people to fight for Eelam. So what Tamil Diaspora can do to help LTTE now is not demos in big cities but sending their educated young Tamil Diaspora who went on march down the capital streets in all these countries in support of LTTE terrorist outfit to join the LTTE’s depleting fighting cadre. The Tamil Diaspora needs not worry about their training as LTTE will train these youth within nick of time how to useAK47, heavy artillery, becoming a instant suicide bomber and all other the guerilla warfare. That will be more useful now for the LTTE than their dollar or sterling pound or demos with placards. Sending the adult children of Tamil Diaspora to join LTTE fighting cadre is the best that they can do at this moment to save LTTE instead of your dollar or a sterling pound.