Friday, February 27, 2009

Sri Lanka Army speeds up its advance e remaining 63 square kilometres

Tiger Leader personally recruiting civilians by force

As the Sri Lanka Army speeds up its advance into the remaining 63 square kilometres of land controlled by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) its chief Velupillai Prabhakaran had reportedly told his senior leader that he would not leave the country and would fight the military until his death. According to the civilians and the LTTE cadres who had surrendered to the military it has been revealed that most of the senior level leaders such as Pottu Amman, Soosai and Prabhakaran’s son Charles Anthony themselves are leading from the front in the battlefield under the direct command of Prabhakaran.

The LTTE Chief had said he would come to the battlefield very soon if the military further penetrates Tiger defences and advance into the LTTE held areas. He has also reportedly urged the people to join him stating that otherwise he would personally recruit the civilians by force.

He has reportedly stated that neither he nor the senior command of the Tigers would leave the country but would fight to the end. However he has promised to regain all the lost area very soon and until then had urged the people help him strengthen the manpower of the organization.

Civilians, who surrendered to the Navy on Tuesday, had revealed that they themselves saw Prabhakaran in the Puthukkudiyiruppu area and Pottu Amman and Charles Anthony at Matalan in Mullaitivu on February 4. Pottu Amman was engaged in the forcible recruitment of civilians in Matalan.

Sea Tiger Leader Soosai had been visiting the civilians gathered inside the Safe Zone on a regular basis in order to recruit them. However on one occasion, a group of people had shouted at Soosai and asked him to leave the place. Later some armed cadres had assaulted all those civilians that had shouted at Soosai.

Intercepted LTTE radio communications also revealed that senior level cadres are personally commanding the battle against the military.

According to civilian information, most of the senior leaders are travelling on motorbikes wearing helmets that cover the entire head in order to prevent being identified by civilians.

According to surrendered LTTE cadres all senior leaders except Prabhakaran are in the battlefield commanding the remaining cadres, which are some 500 to 700 in strength. Another 2500 civilians, who were forcibly recruited and given three days weapons training had been deployed on the battlefront.

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