Saturday, February 28, 2009

Heavy fighting at Chalai South: Troops advance through Puthumathalan Earth bund

Heavy fighting is continuing between troops of the 55 Div and LTTE in South of Chalai as troops successfully breached the LTTE forward defences and advanced across the Puthumathalan earth bund today (Feb 28) after hours of intense fighting that broke out since Friday(27) evening.

According to latest battlefront reports, LTTE terrorists have continued directing 120mm heavy mortar and 122 artillery fire towards military, from positions identified well inside the declared 'No Fire Zone' at Mullaittivu. Troops while avoiding retaliatory fire, out maneuvered LTTE resistance fire pushing further into enemy territory, the sources further said. At least 13 terrorists were confirmed killed and twice as many reported injured during the confrontations that drew Soosai, Laxman and few other LTTE senior cadres from their jungle hideouts at Puthukkudiyirippu. According to intercepted LTTE communication these senior terrorists were continuously appealing the ground leaders to prolong the military advances at any cost fearing a rapid fall of the rear LTTE defences.

Earlier, on Friday troops thwarted an LTTE offensive attempt in the coast of Puthumathalan, reportedly destroying 4 LTTE attack craft also leaving scores of terrorists injured. The entire area is heavily mined by the LTTE what ground sources refer to as the only existing obstacle prolonging the military incursion.