Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Funeral held for Igniyagala victims

A mass funeral has taken place in eastern Sri Lanka for eleven victims of an LTTE shooting incident on Friday.

14 civilians were killed and ten others have sustained injuries in the attack on Friday in Nelliyadda, Igniyagala.

Chena cultivators from a village close to Inginiyagala in the eastern province said gunmen who stormed their village set fire to their dwellings while shooting at them.

Reporter Wasantha Chandrapala who went to the village was told by the police that the attackers were suspected to be LTTE carders.

Children and women were injured and villagers had sought refuge in a school in the village of Rathmalgaha Ella.

A young girl told that she heard the attackers talking in Tamil before started shooting.

Her both parents and a cousin sister were among those killed in the attack. The girl said she survived as she started running away from the attackers.

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