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Entrapped Civilians Brave Tamil Tiger Bullets and Human Bombs to Seek Safety - SLUNA

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February 10, 2009

Entrapped Civilians Brave Tamil Tiger Bullets and Human Bombs to Seek Safety

The Tamil Diaspora and the LTTE’s Propaganda Machine is making a futile attempt to save the Tamil Tigers from certain extinction as the entrapped civilians forming a human shield make a dash to safety into government controlled terrain.

Contrary to manufactured charges of genocide of Tamils which is being bandied by the front organizations of the LTTE in Toronto and other cities in the west, the actual position is becoming clear day by day as the human shield keeps melting away despite the aggressive measures being taken by the LTTE cadres to hold the civilians within the fast disappearing sliver of land in the jungles of Mullativu. The following events give the lie to the propaganda that is being dished out by the Tamil Tiger terrorist network to mislead the public in order to seek international intervention in Sri Lanka to provide a lifeline to the remnant Tiger fighters whose defeat is imminent:

  1. February 9, 2009: A woman suicide bomber attempting to infiltrate into the temporary Rescue and Relief Centre set up by the government in Visuamadu blew herself up killing 29 and injuring 64 persons including 15 soldiers tending to the needs of the Tamil civilians who had sought refuge. Despite the intimidation and threat of harm to the civilians by the LTTE, a total of 6500 IDPs had crossed over to the government controlled areas on this day.

  2. February 10, 2009: The LTTE had opened fire on fleeing Tamil civilians in the Udayarkattukualam area of Mullativu killing 19 including 2 children, 5 women, and 12 men, and further injuring 75 among whom were 28 children, 30 women and 17 men. Despite the armed attacks on the fleeing civilians, a total of 1046 had sought refuge from the government at this location.

The government whilst declaring a ‘No Fire Zone’ for the internally displaced Tamil civilians to congregate have called on the LTTE to allow the IDPs’ to move out of the battle ground, and even offered an amnesty to the Tamil Tiger fighters who would surrender. The LTTE instead have placed their heavy guns midst the civilians whom they are using as a human shield, and are carrying on a worldwide campaign of lies in the hope that the major western powers would pressure the Government of Sri Lanka to halt the military mission and go back to the negotiating table where the Tigers could keep bluffing as they did during the past 25 years to re-arm and resume hostilities in pursuit of their mono-ethnic separate mythical state of “Eelam”. As pointed out by us previously, the civilians were forcibly held back by the LTTE to form a human shield and used as conscripted fighters and labourers.

It is a shame that members of the Liberal Party that has won several seats in the Greater Toronto area with the votes of the Tamil Diaspora thought it was necessary to echo the Tiger propaganda without any regard to the truth, to safeguard their electoral margin in these ridings. The NDP which has been fishing for these votes too are equally guilty as the Liberals when they repeat the Tiger propaganda without verification.

Another group that needs to be exposed are the several INGO and NGO that operated in the Vanni region previously dominated by the LTTE for using their vast funding to prop up this terrorist movement and help them to bolster their defences by building a network of concrete bunkers, releasing heavy machinery for putting up miles of 20 foot high earthen barriers plus 12 foot deep ditches, 7 runways for Tiger aircraft, material for constructing naval craft including submarines, communications and other equipment, to obstruct the democratically elected government from retaking the usurped territory and extending the writ of the state to all parts of the country. These INGO and NGO had diverted aid that was supposed to benefit the tsunami affected civilians to the LTTE, and totally neglected the civilian population that lived under the Tiger’s jackboot.

It was the Government of Sri Lanka that supplied the bulk of the food and other essentials to the civilian population in the areas dominated by the LTTE, maintained the schools, hospitals, roads and other facilities, and paid the salaries for the staff engaged to provide these services, even though a large proportion of the supplies were being pilfered by the LTTE which was waging a war against the government and people of Sri Lanka. Food and essentials continue to be supplied even at the present stage, with buffer stocks earlier provided being sufficient for a three week period. The number of IDPs still remaining within the uncleared areas held by the LTTE should not exceed 50,000, as inflated numbers ranging from 250,000 to 400,000 are nothing but a ruse by the NGO sector to obtain higher funding for their operations. The LTTE needs to be eliminated lock, stock and barrel, to provide the space for the people of all the communities to work out an acceptable and sustainable arrangement that ensures peace, security, equality and better opportunities for all.

Yours very truly,

Mahinda Gunasekera
Honorary President