Friday, February 27, 2009

Civilians recall witnessing LTTE aircraft takeoff

The two light aircraft of the LTTE that carried out a failed air raid on Colombo last week had taken off from Mullaivaikkal area in the north of Mullaitivu, civilians who fled the area said.

They said that they had seen the two aircraft suddenly taking off from the ground in Mullaivaikkal area around 8.30 in the night on February 20. However they were unable to reveal the exact location from where the two aircraft had taken off.

These civilians, who had sought refuge with the security forces, revealed that those aircraft never returned to the area. Some had seen these two aircraft dragged on wheels by the LTTE cadres from Puthukkudiyiruppu area under armed guard on the same evening.

On February 20, soldiers in the frontline in Mullaitivu and Puthukkudiyirruppu saw two unidentified planes flying southwards from uncleared areas .They alerted Colombo about the two planes, which appeared to be on their way to Colombo.

Later the two planes were gunned down by the security forces in Colombo before the Sky Tigers could achieve their targets believed to be the Air Force Headquarters in Colombo and the Katunayake Air Force base.

So far, the military have found seven runways belonging to the LTTE in the Wanni region.