Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An attempt to keep Sri Lanka poor, insignificant and divided in communal conflict.

Situation in Sri Lanka is very serious to-day. There was already a serious problem with the terrorists, but as that problem is coming to an end a greater problem begins to loom over Sri Lanka . The problem may well aggravate even before terrorism ends, as the tense uncertainty reins, it becomes the propitious time for the gathering clouds of danger to reach its climax.

Therefore, now is the time, more than it was ever before, for all political parties in Sri Lanka, to set aside their differences, to join hands with the government, not to save the government but to save Sri Lanka. It is also the time for all civil societies, agencies and institutions to unite to save Sri Lanka from falling into the trap that had been set a long time ago, by external forces getting ready to pounce on us with all the cunning they have in store.

What we are facing is the effort of external forces that gather themselves in unity to stamp the efforts of not only us, but all small developing nations to be independent and challenge the rich and mighty who are seeking to rise into being a group seeking global domination. They seek to dominate the world of nations not only in the field of economy and technology, but also domination through a global religious culture, while dominating the world as a military power with the atomic bomb as its ultimate military superiority.

These external force are the member nations of the International Community consisting of the Western countries including USA. They were seeking to claim their place as the world leaders when Japan, India, and China rose to challenge them seeking a place among them as equal partners.

The countries of the International Community cannot any longer disregard India and China who are economic powers of their own. India with its own nuclear power and a tested Atomic bomb has to be sooner or later taken into the fold of the International Community. They are also the new stake holder of space, with satellites , and with capability of using space for military purposes.

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