Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why is fight against terrorism winning? Part 2 – Electing Correct Political Leadership

(Courtesy: Lanka Rising)

When western colonial masters left this country in 1948, they have gradually transferred political power in to the hands of hand picked local comprador agents. They were not natural born leaders, but spoon fed local Muppets with Western Anglican head. Not only political power, but control of media was with those elite families. Therefore, People only had a choice to pick one among them.

In 1977, another so called leader from the lumpent Anglican society, Junius Richerd Jayawardana stormed into power, that time with 2/3 rd of majority. When he left politics in 1989 after achieving his petty personal goals, both north and south was burning.

JR was succeeded by president R.Premadasa. He was not from the elite lumpent society of Colombo 7, but from other extreme of under privileged urban community (another result of colonialism) in Kehelwatta, Pettha. He tried best of his ability to drive this country forward. But he had his own personal and psychological limitations. Ultimately he became a target of LTTE terrorists due to his inherent weaknesses.

In 1984, the western colonial masters paraded another queen into Sri Lankan politics. This time they experimentally utilized modern forms of post colonial weapons in the form of INGOs and their media agents to market their choice of ‘leader’ in Sri Lankankan society. We all have witnessed the tragedy of electing CBK for two consecutive terms.

It is in this backdrop that people of this country took a bold decision in November 2007 to elect Mahinda Rajapaksa as the president of Sri Lanka. It was not a rosy way for him, but had to fight even within his own party to get the nomination. He did not even get the genuine support of his own party leader CBK who is from lumpent society during his election campaign. Luckily, late most venerable Soma thero had already wakened up drowsy Sinhala community by educating the need of true Sri Lankan leadership to come out of misery and people did their bit.

Since 1948, people used to elect wrong leaders. They had repeatedly failed in decision makings on the Election Day and kept on swearing and weeping until next election where they do the same mistake. However in 2007, people took a correct decision to elect a true born national leader who has his values and culture rooted in this land and not in the western world, a person who knows the aroma of sweat of common villagers and feel the wind from our paddy fields.

When so called puppot leaders were ruling this country, it was branded as ‘miserable war’ or ‘a war that can not be ever won’. However, once a true brave leader is at the helm, it suddenly become ‘fight against terrorism’ and that is why it is winning. It is same security forces, arms and ammunition, but under different genuine political leadership.

USA has become a failed state under clownship of Gorge Bush with never ending wars. When Boris Yeltsin, the darling of the West was ruling Russia, the separatist terrorism in Chechnia has been identified by him and his western counterparts as a ‘war that can only be solved by devolution’ and great Russia was disintegrating like pieces of cake regardless of Nuclear weapons and other military strength. However once Vladimir Putin, a true born national leader was elected, the terrorism was crushed in no time and Rusian economy is now back in correct track.

That is why political leadership is one of the key factors of winning the fight against terrorism and here in Sri Lanka we are witnessing it.

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