Friday, January 30, 2009

Voice of Tigers seized

The troops of 59th Division captured the Voice of Tigers radio transmission centre. Located in Kilinochchi, it had beamed transmission until five months ago. There were three studios although all equipment had been removed. There were indications that the centre was equipped with all facilities. The studios had been properly set up and programmes produced. The structure built for the transmission of programmes still stands. Houses in the vicinity had been used by the staff and their associates. The area had been declared out of bounds for the public. The house that belonged to the leader of the military intelligence wing Charles, who was killed by the Security Forces ambushed in Mannar North was also found. It had an underground bunker along with an auditorium. The cost incurred in building these luxurious houses had been 10 fold than the expenditure incurred in putting up an ordinary house. There is a monument in memory of killed leaders with photographs enshrined.