Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Troops take control of Mullaitivu Hospital

Troops of the 59th Division have been able to establish their control in the Mullaitivu Base Hospital and the vicinity. It is located close to the A-34 Highway. It is a fully fledged Hospital. But the LTTE terrorists had destroyed the Hospital and taken away all valuable equipment before the arrival of the troops.

Troops of the 1st Sinha Regiment under the guidance of Colonel Aruna Ariyasinghe of the 591st Brigade and Brigadier Nandana Udawatte, Head of the 59th Division achieved this success. The LTTE had built a massive earth bund opposite the Hospital. However, the troops managed to enter the Hospital premises breaching this bund.

The Mullaitivu Hospital complex comprised many buildings including a two storied building. The LTTE had destroyed the children’s park within the hospital premises. The terrorists had destroyed the doors, windows, fans and air-conditioners before they fled the area. The Army had not launched a single attack on the hospital. It is clear as the roof of the Hospital was not damaged. Injured cadres of the outfit had been treated there. The LTTE had been using all facilities granted by the Government to the civilians by itself.