Sunday, January 11, 2009

Threats to Media: Be patient, Minister tells public

Media Minister Laksman Yapa Abeywardana told the media yesterday at the Information Department that during the last few days as media came under attack and threat, the Government was blamed by various parties.

Minister Abeywardana also said the late Lasantha Wickramatunga was a good friend of the President and they have met at Temple Trees on several occasions. The President was invited by Wickramatunga to attend his wedding reception recently.

As the President could not attend the reception, President had invited the new couple - Wickramatunga and his co-editor Sonali Samarasinghe - for dinner which was scheduled for this week.

“The President advised his private physician to treat Wickramatunga, his son, and his brother when they were sick on their request. Later, they sent a letter appreciating the President’s generosity,” he added.

He observed that the President had instructed the IGP, CID and Military Intelligence to launch an exclusive investigation into the assassination of the Editor and the MTV attack.

“The situation is critical and the investigations should be carried out in deep and in detail. Therefore, to launch a full scale investigation, we need opportunity and time. We request the public and the media to understand the situation and bear with us until we bring the culprit before justice,” he added.

(Source: Lake House)

Abstract from Divaina Political Column on 2009/01/11: (in Sinhala)

lsn~w vQkYmwOAgt @qhQvlqW @vdQ w#bR pRvw jn`{QpwQvry`t a`rAcQ vR@N~ oy al~lpnl~@l~y.

jn`{QpwQvry` @m a`rAcQy nQs` mhw~ k#LBQl~lt h` pWd`vt pw~vR@y~y.

@m @m`nvq @vn~@n~... kQlQ@n`ccQy jy ar@gn e~@k pYWwQy jnw`v xOk~wQ vQ[QmQn~ mRlwQv qQh` bl`@gn in~n @vl`@v hrQm pRqEm @q~vl~ wmyQ sQq~{ @vn~@n~. eq` sQrst @b`~mb g#hRv` kQyl a`rAcQy a`v`. aq @m lsn~wt @vdQ wQbb` kQyl ahnv`. @m`kk~ hrQ bl@vgyk~ @b`@h`m qr#NR vQqQyt kQYy`w~mk @vnv`.

@m @m`@h`@w~m jn`{QpwQvry` vh`m @s_K& @l~kmvry`t kw` k@L~y. @@vq& awOl kh[ lQyn@g~t kw`kL ohR @@vq& kN~d`ymk~

rF@gn @g`s~ @k@s~ @h`~ lsn~w@g~ jWvQwy @br` gn~n#yQ kW@vy.

in~psRv @k`LB mh @r`~h@l~ a{&k;vry`tq kw` @k`t avX& pYwQk`r ktyRwO s[h` sh`y vn~n#yQ nQym k@L~y.

jn`{QpwQ mhQn~q r`jpk~; sn~@d lWdr\ kr\w^ lsn~w vQkYmwOAg smg m$wqW q#dQ mQwYw~vyk~ a#wQ kr@gn wQbQNQ. e~ mQwYw~vy s[h` p`r k#pR@v @@vq& elQyn~w nm a@ykQ. jn`{QpwQvry` ILMt kw` k@L~ ohRty. kw`@k`t vW a#wQ a#b#q~qQy g#n vQn`dQ kQhQpyk~ aqhs~ hRvm`r# kr gw~@w~y.

oy elQyn~w wmyQ lsn~wv @m p`r m@g~ LMt @gn`@v. a#w~wtm mQnQh` hrQm hQwvw~ vRN`. psRgQy qvsk lsn~w klQn~ vyQf~@gn~ dQ@v`~s~ @vl` a`@yw~ vQv`h vRN`@n~, ar @sn`lQ smrsQAh ek~k. e~ vQv`hyt shx`gQ @vn~n kQyl lsn~w psRgQy qvsk oy elQyn~w ek~k mMOl~ kQyn~nw~ a`v`.

mm kQvv` mt @vdQn~ ekt en~n b#h#. h#b#yQ mm oy @qn~nt k$m @vlk~ l$s~wQ krn~nm. eq`t e~kt en~n kQyl`. It ekM@vl` wmyQ lsn~w gQ@y~. mQnQh` apt wqQn~ g#hRv` wmyQ pw~w@rn~. nmRw~ ps~@s k`@lk m`w~ ek~k @h`[ av@b`~{yk~ @g`dnM` gw~w`. lsn~w m`w~ ek~k hQwvw~ vRNR ek ivsn~n b#rQ pQrQskOw~ hQtQy`. mt qEk m`w~ ek~k mQwY vRNR nQs` mQnQh`t @m irNmt mRhRN @qn~n vRN`q kQyn ekyQ.

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