Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A racket of importing labour for the Southern Highway construction

The residents in the construction area of Dodamgoda to kurudugahahathakma have complained of a racket of importing workers for the construction work which is taking place in the Southern highway.

More than 400 employees have been brought to Sri Lanka in order work in the Southern Highway Project. When there are sufficient unemployed skilled workers in the country, there is no need to import workers from Nepal, Thailand or Indonesia says the public. It is also reported that although the foreign workers are provided with lodging and food with a high wage, they are not dedicated workers.

According to the residents of the area, a Japanese company named “Thai C corporation” is in charge of the construction work and the Project Manager Hiroki Horikawa is involved in the process of importing workers.

Another complain of the residents of the area is that the Road Development Authority (RDA) does not pay enough attention to the Southern Highway construction work.

(Courtesy: Lankapuvath)