Sunday, January 25, 2009

LTTE triggers 'humanitarian catastrophe': Blasts off Kalamadukulam Tank bund - Mullaittivu

LTTE terrorists have blasted off the Kalamadukulam Tank bund this morning (Jan 24) in a desperate attempt to stall the multi-frontal military surge towards Visuamadu area, latest reports from the Mullaittivu battlefront said. "This is totally an inhuman act with least respect to the lives of innocent Tamil civilians entrapped in the area", a defence official said while urging worldwide condemnation for the terrorist act.

Terrorists have used high explosives and triggered the detonation flooding a section of the A-35 Pranthan - Mullaittivu main road, Ramanatpuram, Dharmapuram and Visuamadu. LTTE terrorists had resorted to this cheap tactic after suffering heavy beating by the security forces during intense fighting that erupted since Friday (23), Northeast of Kalamadu and Nethiliaru, security sources said. Terrorist resistances were beaten comprehensively in the ground battles, which left its fighting formations in total disarray, security sources said.

According to defence observers, the floods will also worsen the LTTE orchestrated humanitarian crisis at Mullaittivu with hundreds confined to small land patches and deprived of relief or aid supplies. Earlier, LTTE terrorists made a similar attempt to destroy the Iranamadu Tank bund to dismantle the multi-pronged military advance during the battle for Kilinochchi.

Kalamadukulam Tank spreads over with a capacity of supplementing irrigation water to over 500 acres of land. "Not only LTTE had created a humanitarian catastrophe but have also shown their utmost contempt of the very people once they said to 'represent'," defence observers further stated.